Drawing resumes after work in December was disrupted in part by replacing -- three times -- a ten year old mac G4 with a shiny new malfunctioning i-mac. A peek behind the flawless curtain of brand image can be a shock, whether it's Apple, Tiger, or the mesmerizing decorative wrappings torn off another holiday season. The desire to believe in appearances persists. “Fancy thinking the Beast was … [Read more...]

November sketches

I'm pushing myself to do more drawing in public places by bringing a sketchbook with me wherever I go -- and actually drawing in it. The moleskine sketchbooks are compact, good for travel, but the paper has a waxy, slippery finish. It contributes to a wobbly line quality when using a micron pen. Here are some examples from a recent trip to New York city. Still life, micron pen on moleskine, … [Read more...]

Still life

For a long time, I've wanted my oil paintings to have the energy and tension of my drawings. In this painting, that convergence is happening. My recent practice of making gouache copies from master's paintings is proving not only to be fun and engaging but also to have unexpected benefits that carry over to working from life. Two strengths are being developed in the copy work: the process of … [Read more...]