Website Update

Gouache, 04.17.15

I am pleased to present a new and improved website to view my artwork. Using a new scalable framework, revisions have been made throughout the site to enhance the design with clear, intuitive navigation that provides a consistent, streamlined experience across a wide spectrum of new mobile and touch screen computing devices. Check it out on your desktop, tablet, or cell phone today! Highlights … [Read more...]

Hutongs & Sanlitun

Drum Tower

New friend Jiayu, who introduced herself on the subway using the English name Jessie while I was going to art openings my first weekend, offered to be my guide to see the oldest hutongs in Beijing on my last day in the city. Believing she was also my host meant she tried to pay for everything we ate despite our recent acquaintance, a courtesy pressed by many Chinese friends during the month as … [Read more...]

Houhai Hutong

Qianhai Lake

Beihai North subway station entrance was the first place I stepped outside in the city the first week in Beijing on my way to art openings further down the line. Across the street an imposing antique building made me wonder what it was. Plastic wrapped young women sold tours in the rain. Identically hatted tourist teams disappeared into worryingly maze-like narrow alleys. On the last day after … [Read more...]

Beijing Fashion

Beijing fashion

China has had a developing market economy since reforms led by Deng Xiaoping in 1978 following the death of Mao Zedong in 1976. There is a wide variety of individual color and style in women's fashion. Clothing is plentiful and inexpensive. There are several trends in the city. Formal occasion dresses show up at all times of day in unlikely public places, made with sheer white flowing and layered … [Read more...]

Beihai Northwest

Beihai Northwest

Still with a lengthy list of unseen places in Beijing despite a month in the city, on my last day I returned to Beihai Park to be outside in a garden. The northwest section contains temples, pavilions, memorials, and a large lake-front walkway. Restoration produces a mix of ancient and contemporary sensibilities. People sing and dance in the pavilions. The Buddhist Temples are active sites of … [Read more...]

Beihai Park

Beihai Park

Imperial gardens, temples, and pavilions of the 171 acre Beihai Park began to be built in 1163. Located on one of three interconnected lakes adjacent to Imperial City in the center of Beijing, it has been a public park since 1925. People spend a Saturday afternoon playing music, reading newspapers, strolling, and boating. The earthquake ravaged but still standing Tibetan Buddhist White Dagoba, … [Read more...]



The front entrance to the Imperial City in Beijing is Tian'anmen, or Gate of Heavenly Peacemaking, first built in 1415 during the Ming Dynasty, where Mao Zedong's portrait is centrally hung. Forbidden city is within the Imperial City north of Tian'anmen. The immense open area called Tian'anmen Square is on the opposite side of a busy street from Imperial City gate. Tunnels are used to cross … [Read more...]



With Forbidden City being the first recommendation in tourist guidebooks for what to see in Beijing, the Great Wall is a close second. Mutianyu is more dramatic and less crowded than Badaling, the most popular section of wall and half-hour closer to city center. After rejecting public transportation options for being too complicated, I hired a car for an 8 hour contract. The driver, who spoke a … [Read more...]